The management services deal with a (time limited) hands on support of critical phases like broadcasting start, launch of new formats or platforms and all restructuring and re-engineering processes (take over, repositioning, restructuring, crisis management). The offer to hire SetTele Entertainment as management support is an attractive opportunity to get the help of an experienced TV manager without long term obligations.

Main task is the implementation of relevant success factors – from the analysis of the status quo (market positon, internal workflows, staff, structures) and the environment (SWOT analysis and check of costs, creative staff, revenues and the legal and media framework) to the optimizing of program making (research, development, production, sales, promotion, financing) and the best teamwork of creative talents and suppliers (presenters, producers, journalists, directors, writers, actors, camera crews and other technical staff).

All management services are based on the guidelines and the integrated 360° approach of the traditional management schools of St. Gallen (Switzerland).

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